Why does local work?

The entire point of our campaign is to bring awareness back to the fact that there are local businesses everywhere waiting for your service. In our adventures to the downtown, we met some extremely polite people who were more than willing to give us good deals at their stores, offering exactly what it is you may be looking for at Walmart. Want music? Dan’s Downtown Records is right by the bus stop. Need a place to grab lunch? Casa Del Sol offers 10% off with your student ID. Besides these sick deals, though, what does shopping local really do for Muncie?

America’s economy really depends on our shopping habits to stay afloat. Lots of companies, for instance, rely on Black Friday as it is “crucial to their…annual performance” every year. Surely everyone has participated in, if not heard of Black Friday, but do you know what Small Business Saturday is? It falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year, promoted by American Express to bring revenue back to local areas. It hasn’t quite taken off like its sibling holidays, but it has generated hundreds of thousands of tweets since it’s debut in 2010.

So why exactly does local work? Lots of sources agree on the benefits, such as:

  • Local job increase
  • Personal shopping experience
  • Builds sense of Community
  • Unique and specific stores (like, have you ever seen a chain of hole-in-the-wall pizza shops? or bowling alleys?)
  • Your money stays local
  • Small business competition lowers prices

Of course, these are but six of the endless upsides to staying local! Let us know what you think is the most important part of shopping local, Muncie Natives!

Stay Smart!

Bringing Local Back Team


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